Talk/Discussion ‘Why I write poetry’

Kendal Poetry Festival Poets: Ian Humprhreys, Daniel Sulman & Rachel Mann
Photo credit: Ian Humphreys - Sarah Turton, Rachel Mann - Phil Cooper

Sunday 26th June 2.30-3.30pm

Theatre, Brewery Arts Centre

Tickets: £5 in person
Tickets: £5 online

What motivates poets in the 21st century? How do they find their voice? What themes and subject matters inspire them? How do they cope with set-backs and deal with success? What keeps them writing? Why I Write Poetry (Nine Arches, 2021) contains 25 thought-provoking essays that explore these questions and many more. Editor Ian Humphreys and contributors Daniel Sluman and Rachel Mann will read from the book and discuss their writing practice and their relationship with poetry. There will also be time for questions from the audience.

Tickets can be purchased through the Brewery Arts Centre

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