Lorna Faye Dunsire

Lorna Faye Dunsire

Lorna Faye Dunsire profile photo for Kendal Poetry Festival 2021
Photo credit: Joanna Sedgwick

Festival Poet

Lorna Faye Dunsire is a Yorkshire poet and works as Lead Occupational Therapist within acute mental health inpatient services in Bradford. Her poetry pamphlet Fiery Daughters is entirely devoted to The Brontës and their stories. Lorna’s writing is also influenced by recovery, political protest, nature and relationships. She has appeared at NHS marches, as guest poet at Birdfair Festival, and Poetry at the Parsonage; where she has a tendency to turn up in full Brontë attire. Her work has been featured on local BBC radio, BBC national news, and poems published in Beautiful Dragons anthologies (A Bees Breakfast, Watch the birdie, Well, dam!) and Indigo Dreams For the Silent anthology. Lorna's poetry also features in Reel Bradford, a YAFFLE press collection of poems about Bradford’s film and TV culture.

Lorna will be appearing at:

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