Clae Eastgate

Kendal Poetry Festival Artist Clae Eastgate

Festival Poet

Clae Eastgate is a portrait artist who has created projects and commissions for private clients, collectors and institutions. Noted subjects are the former Poet Laureate, Dame Carol Ann Duffy, former Scots Makar, Jackie Kay, former National Poet of Wales, Gillian Clarke, poet, novelist and playwright, Kae Tempest, and the renowned ethologist, Dame Jane Goodall. Clae is currently working on a collection of portraits celebrating the lives and work of contemporary poets, with two paintings from the collection recently acquired by the Scottish National Portrait Gallery for their permanent collection. Clae also collaborates on projects with other artists as well as mentoring programmes and teaches contemporary portraiture both privately and at the Art Academy London.

Painting the Poets by Clae Eastgate - A Portrait Artist’s response to contemporary voices in poetry

Painting the Poets is a collection of painted portraits by Clae Eastgate that celebrates the lives and work of some of the UK’s finest poets. Clae is creating a legacy project documenting an unprecedented time in history where a growing cohort of women are making their voices heard through writing and performing poetry that brings fresh perspectives to contemporary issues and mores. The vibrant portraits reflect the rich diversity of the UK’s poets; the art of portraiture and the poetry of these powerful voices merging together.

Poetry and art can document and spur transformation. An integral aim is for the project to demonstrate the power of poetry in providing a platform for the speaking of, from, and against oppression - wherever it is to be found.

Clae Eastgate “It has been exhilarating to meet the people behind the voices of contemporary poetry, a real privilege and I want to celebrate the fact that so many of these voices are women. These poets are speaking out for themselves and for all of us, by putting words to subjects and experiences that have been previously hidden or suppressed. One person’s risk taking makes another person bold enough to break the silence, to also choose expression over repression creating new dialogues that are long overdue. As this process snowballs, it changes the conversation and opens up possibilities. Portraiture has long had an important role in recording those people who contribute something of value to human society. This is a fantastic opportunity to create a real legacy; with an international exhibition tour and ongoing series of cultural events that celebrate the poets in paint, and promote their work to wider and new audiences, national and internationally.”

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