Writing workshop with acclaimed Canadian poet Karen Solie

Writing workshop with acclaimed Canadian poet Karen Solie

Poet Karen Solie, appearing at the Kendal Poetry Festival

Sunday 21st February 10.00am - 12.00noon

Max 16

Getting Started: A Writing Workshop

The blank page is a field of possibilities. But, let’s face it, it’s intimidating. How do we put those first lines down, in order to have something to work with? How can we banish the internal censor that limits subject matter and language, that dictates what is, and is not, “poetic”? How can we bring the particulars of our lives to the page in ways that will speak to readers?

This session will involve an exercise of six simple prompts that address these questions in unexpected ways in order to counter the inertia and frustration of the encounter with the blank page. Bring pen and paper, your imagination, and your sense of humour. If you choose, there will be an opportunity to share, and have others respond to your work with the exercise. In addition to one strategy for getting started, this workshop will suggest possibilities for future work. And you might discover in this writing the seed of a poem.

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Tickets can be purchased through the Brewery Arts Centre


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