Afternoon Tea with Brewery Poets

Afternoon Tea with Brewery Poets

Headshots of the Brewery Poets, appearing at the Kendal Poetry Festival
Pauline Yarwood profile photo for Kendal Poetry Festival 2021

Sunday 21st February 4.00pm-5.00pm


Kendal’s Brewery Poets have been meeting for over thirty years and are the driving force behind the Kendal Poetry Festival. Join us at this unique event for afternoon tea with a big helping of South Cumbria’s finest contemporary poetry - from Brewery Poets Amelia Loulli, Caroline Gilfillan, Karen Lloyd, Kerry Darbishire, Sue Vickerman and Mark Carson.  Hosted by Brewery Poet and one of the founders of Kendal Poetry Festival Pauline Yarwood. Assemble your own Afternoon Tea in preparation!

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Tickets can be purchased through the Brewery Arts Centre


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