Jon Stone

Jon Stone

Jon Stone profile photo for Kendal Poetry Festival 2021

Festival Poet

Jon Stone is a Derbyshire-born writer, editor and researcher. With Kirsten Irving, he founded the small press Sidekick Books, which specialises in multi-author, collaborative works. He co-edited the world’s first anthology of videogame poetry, as well as four ’interactive’ compendiums mixing visual and lyric poetry with prompts for the reader to write in or affix additional material. He won an Eric Gregory Award in 2012 and the Poetry London prize in 2014 and 2016, while School of Forgery (Salt, 2012) was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation. In 2020 he completed a PhD on poem-game hybridity; Dual Wield: The Interplay of Poetry and Videogames is due out from DeGruyter in late 2021. His website is

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